TVT’s Wonderful Moment on IFSEC2019


IFSEC2019 was hold in the International Exhibition Center of London. As the largest Electronics Exposition in European areas, this show brought lots of excellent enterprises of the security industry together. TVT participated in this show with its latest products and had enthusiastic exchanges with the experts in the industry.



In this exhibition, TVT intensively promoted its AI IPC series and E3 IPC series as well as its outstanding solution to further expand its marketing channels and enhance its influence in the industry.



AI Series

In this exhibition, TVT brought its latest IPC series (A3/E3 series) and NVR series (A1/A2 series) based on face recognition technology and showed the latest features and functions of NVR 1.4.1 version, especially the perfect face function interface.


TVT illustrated 3 orientations for AI pro series. 1. Dedicated face capture and match cameras. 2. Perimeter protection cameras based on light and sound control. 3. ANPR cameras, together with the NVR and NVMS2.0 form a sound solution to monitor the parking lot.




The leading product line            

TVT released E3 IPC series, including 2MP/4MP/6MP/8MP IPCs, which is largely enhanced in 2 core aspects. 1. The image effect is dramatically enhanced, especially in low illumination, WDR and lens correction. 2. This series can be applied to various scenarios due to its powerful AI technology, for example, face capture, tripwire and region intrusion detection (human/vehicle classification), people/vehicle counting, flow of people/vehicle statistics. The detection accuracy of this series also largely improves so that it can provide accurate data and effective reference for commercial decisions.




Additionally, TVT also introduces its new economic product line-2MP/4MP/5MP/8MP S3 IPC series, which has been also improved in its image effect and hardware compared with the former product line.




Meanwhile, for HD analogy DVR, TVT also launched A1 series, which can effectively detect human shape and lower the false alarm rate.



Industrial Solution

TVT launched 4*2MP 180° panoramic camera, 8 inch 37x 5MP high speed dome, 4 inch starlight PTZ camera and NVMS2.0 management server with powerful AI functions. All of these indicate that TVT has made considerable progress in middle and small-sized projects.



In this exhibition, TVT’s abundant video surveillance product lines indicate that TVT has the ability commensurate with the first-class factories. TVT has always dedicated to develop new products and maintain the good performance of existing products. Our old customers can obviously feel that TVT’s product design, software delivery, functional experience and management platform make great progress.  As many overseas high-end brands and our overseas sales director say, with plenty of products, excellent product performance as well as powerful and innovative AI cameras, TVT’s products and technology have entered a new stage and more and more customers recognize and accept TVT IP video surveillance brand and technology in the market.







Warm Hint:

этот проект??находится в стадии строительства?...?

D? án ?ang ???c xay d?ng..

Warm Hint:

The project is under construction...

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